ICYMI: Scary Facts About County Schools

On the night of Halloween, Vote No Arlington shared four scary facts to consider about county schools.

  • No new learning after schools closed last semester: When Arlington Public Schools went “virtual” last semester, the district actually forbade new learning — all lessons were review only.
  • Every Monday a “teacher prep day” for all of 2020-2021: Even if this year’s “synchronous” virtual days are generously counted as full days, the school week is now 20% shorter than normal — further compounding last semester’s learning losses.
  • No serious plan to reopen schoolhouse doors: Area Catholic schools have reopened safely — as have government-run schools around the nation and the world. Our county-run schools, however, remain shuttered, with no end in sight.
  • And now, a $52 million bond… based on outdated figures? By the school district’s own admission, the 2020 bond is based on rising enrollment numbers. But enrollment is now falling, as more families choose to homeschool or send their kids to non-district schools.

The current trajectory of Arlington Public Schools is truly frightening!