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Arlington Public Schools: Scary Facts

On the night of Halloween, Vote No Arlington shared four scary facts to consider about county schools. No new learning after schools closed last semester: When Arlington Public Schools went “virtual” last semester, the district actually forbade new learning — all lessons were review only. Every Monday a “teacher prep day” for all of 2020-2021: […]

(By Jo DeVoe, ARLnow) A group of Arlington Public Schools parents has organized to vote ‘no’ on the $52.65 million school bond. In recent days Vote No Arlington launched a last-minute online campaign against the county’s 2020 public school bond, to voice their frustration with how APS is handling the return to school. “Right now is a very emotional time,” Vote

Vote No Arlington founding member Geoff Olinde was a featured guest on WMAL’s Larry O’Connor Show Wednesday afternoon. Olinde and O’Connor discussed the grassroots movement to encourage reform by voting down the controversial 2020 bond for Arlington Public Schools. “There are a lot of frustrated parents out there that have run out of patience,” Olinde

Vote No Arlington, a newly-formed referendum committee, is organizing against the county’s 2020 public school bond. The committee is urging Arlingtonians to “send a message” to school board members by voting “no” on the bond. “Arlington Public Schools must do better,” says Vote No Arlington founding member Geoff Olinde. “School officials have failed to prioritize

Thank you for visiting! “Vote No Arlington” is a grassroots network of citizens — county parents, taxpayers and residents — against the 2020 bond for Arlington Public Schools. We believe that Arlingtonians deserve better from our public schools. And the best way to send our school board a loud message is by voting NO